You've got style challenges, I've got style solutionsCome ask me your questions and let me help you get UNSTUCK!

Unstuck is not a training or a program. It is a unique opportunity to participate, or just observe, while I help women in our community work through real life style challenges, and find tangible solutions.

During the Unstuck Sessions, you may:

  • Ask me for help on a specific topic and receive one-to-one coaching.
  • Or watch as I coach other women in the community. There is so much to learn simply by observing this work in action.

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Open and FREE for everyone to join! Come get UNSTUCK and connect with other women working on their style.

During the live Unstuck Sessions, you may ask for support in shifting any style-related challenge. Here are some ideas you may want solutions for:

  • Best fit for your body type.
  • Action steps to take in developing your personal style.
  • What to do when you've gained weight & clothes don't fit.
  • How to improve your professional image.
  • Strategies for creating a healthier body image.

Save your spot at the next live Unstuck Session!👇


Live with me on Zoom: November 14th at 1:00pm PST.


I'm Jordan!

In case you don't know me, I'm a Celebrity Stylist turned Personal Stylist, on a mission to transform the way women show up in their lives. 

I am the Founder of MiKADO, a virtual personal styling firm, that focuses on eliminating the confusion and insecurities associated with determining how to dress.

I also lead Unlock Your Signature Style and Uncover Your Style Blueprint - two comprehensive live group training programs for women all over the world, who want to learn the step-by-step process for building a wardrobe that represents who they are. 

I believe wholeheartedly that we can all become our own Personal Stylists and learn how to present ourselves in a way we feel really freaking GOOD about! Inside these Unstuck Sessions, my goal is to help you get closer to that reality!