Discover the style-blueprint framework that will uncover exactly what your style IS, so that you can stop wasting money on clothes that don't suit you!

Proven step-by-step video course, from Celebrity Stylist turned Personal Stylist, teaches you the most effective and permanent way to identify exactly what your style IS, so that you can stop guessing...and finally dress in a way that represents YOU!

  • No more wasting money on clothes that look the same as what you already have.
  • No more dressing in the same way you've dressed for as long as you can remember, never representing your fullest potential.

And what if I told you that you wouldn't need to spend a dollar on new clothes to make it work?!

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The REAL REASON You Can't Actually Dress With CONFIDENCE, UNTIL You Know What Your Style IS!  

I want you to think of any confidently-dressed woman you look up to. Chances are you look up to them because they have what you want, right? Maybe it's the put-together outfits or just the way they always seem to command attention through their presence.

But there is probably something else that you haven't noticed (until now!). Have you ever noticed...they have consistency and intentionality in the way they dress?

Everything they wear is "so them", it's THEIR style. On a Target-run, at a formal dinner, and everything in between - the way they dress is always an extension of who they are.

I mean, can you show me ANY confidently-dressed woman today who isn't known to have a specific style? 

You can't!

So the real question is: is it just a coincidence that all confidently-dressed women have this in common?!

NO! In fact, it's knowing their specific style and intentionally choosing the clothes that align, that allowed each of them to become confidently-dressed. And it can be the same for you!

Because if you're like most of the women I meet who feel like their wardrobe DOESN'T represent them, the biggest HURDLE that keeps your style at a complete standstill is that pit-in-your-stomach question:

What actually IS my personal style?

LOOK - we all know that expression of throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Relying on guesses, chance and sheer coincidence, only to end up more frustrated than when we started.

And it's this crossing your fingers and hoping something works, approach that keeps so many women stuck. The lack of clarity and intentionality behind their decision making, means they never find their style at all....and they certainly aren't confidently dressed.

And every single woman who gets stuck here - and stays stuck here - is making one of the most COSTLY mistakes that is guaranteed to keep her from ever finding her TRUE sense of style, while wasting a lot of money in the process... 

She's shopping BEFORE she knows what her style IS. And never figuring out how to use what she already HAS.

And the worst part? She doesn't even REALIZE that this backwards approach to style is costing her hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, countless years of wasted time and energy, a closet filled with clothes she's not wearing, and an immeasurable amount of lost confidence (and maybe you didn't realize it either....until now).

This is a mistake I want to help you fix!

The Cold Hard Truth Is:

If You Don't KNOW What Your Style IS, You Will Always Lack Confidence in the Way You Dress. 

And until you DO, you should NOT be shopping. 


Show me JUST ONE confidently dressed woman you look up to who doesn't know what her style is.

You can't!

That's because they know what you may not have realized until now:

That dressing well isn't something you buy, it's something you build.

And until you have all the tools, strategies and frameworks needed - you absolutely should not be shopping. Until you have a blueprint for your style, you don't actually know what you should be buying.

NO ONE can buy clothes that match their style, if they don't know what their style is FIRST (not me, and not you!).

But anyone CAN be confidently dressed, IF they spend the time upfront cultivating their style.

If you've already felt the nudge to learn how to dress with ease, to figure out how to make use out of what's ALREADY hanging in your closet first, before you ever buy another item that you don't know how to wear.....

Then that means you already have what it takes to step into the role of the confidently dressed woman.

And just like I've helped hundreds of students discover THEIR style, now I want to help you do the same!


Uncover Your Style Blueprint

A Proven Step-by-Step Implementation Framework for Finally Uncovering EXACTLY What Your Style IS....and HOW to Easily Bring it to Life!

  • 10 detailed training videos that guide you through the exact process for building your unique personal style blueprint.
  • Reflection workbook with exercises that help guide you through the process of clarifying what you truly desire for your style.
  • Fill-in-the-blanks style checklist for easy identification of exactly what you need in your closet in order to create your new style.
  • Monthly LIVE Q+A sessions on Zoom with me, to ask your questions and receive coaching.
  • Private Facebook community with fellow USB students, for on-going support from like-minded style-enthusiasts. 

It's time to learn exactly what your style IS, so you can stop guessing and ACTUALLY dress in a way that represents your fullest potential!  Just like it's done for my past students!👇



I teach style in a way that nobody else does in my industry, based on a framework I've been cultivating for over a decade, which is something I'm really proud of! I don't follow conventional style rules, and instead use a formulaic, implementation-based strategy! 

See What's Waiting for You inside Uncover Your Style Blueprint...

10 Step-by-Step Video Trainings + Monthly Live Coaching

  • Lesson 1: Welcome - a thorough identification process of exactly where you are on your style journey.
  • Lesson 2: Navigating USB - how to get the most out of the program and the live community.
  • Lesson 3: Mindset Mastery - beliefs and habits required for a self-loving mindset. A non-negotiable for confidently dressed women. 
  • Lesson 4: The Framework - introduction to the very powerful framework method and how to identify your unique style.
  • Lesson 5: Map it Out - determine exactly what you want your style to convey, using a personality and style assessment.
  • Lesson 6: Create the Visual - build out the visual representation of all areas of your style (work, casual, going out, etc). You will get crystal clear on what your style looks like!
  • Lesson 7: Refine the Look - refine and clarify your ideas, ensuring the look is cohesive and everything goes together. 
  • Lesson 8: How to Use Pinterest - strategies that convert ideas into reality - this is not your average Pinterest training! 
  • Lesson 9: Summarize the Style - itemize the pieces actually needed in your closet, in order to achieve your style, using a fill-in-the-blanks checklist.
  • Lesson 10: Action Mode - turn your brand new style vision into action, apply it to your outfits, your existing clothing, your closet editing, and all of your future shopping.

But That's Not All! 👇

Uncover Your Style Blueprint is NOT Just Videos and Exercises 

It's also LIVE support with ME and a community of like-minded women.

I created USB to be a program any woman could go through to gain absolute clarity around what her style is, and how to get the maximum utility of the clothing already hanging in her closet.

But I also know, from teaching hundreds of other students, that this type of work requires support.

Which is why...

Your enrollment into USB comes with lifetime membership into a private Facebook community. A space where you can ask your questions, post your outfits, and get feedback on your work inside the program....for as long as you need!

It also comes with monthly LIVE Q+A calls! read that right...

Once a month we meet on Zoom to answer questions, talk about your progress and get coaching.

And no need to worry if you can't attend the calls live...

Everything we do is recorded, so you can watch the calls on your own time. Plus, you can submit your questions to me in advance - even if you're not on live, I'll answer them!

My goal is always for you to feel completely supported on your style journey.


I'm Jordan!

In case you don't know me, I'm a Celebrity Stylist turned Personal Stylist, on a mission to transform the way women show up in their lives. 

I am the Founder of MiKADO, a virtual personal styling firm, that focuses on eliminating the confusion and insecurities associated with how to dress.

I also lead Unlock Your Signature Style - the most comprehensive live group training program for women all over the world, who want to learn the step-by-step process for building a wardrobe that represents who they truly are. 

I've spent the last decade teaching people how to leverage a confident, put-together image, in order to open up abundant opportunities in both their personal and professional lives. And I would love to do the same for you!

Inside this powerful program,you will find a simple, easy-to-follow and practical approach to style. Because honestly, who has time for it to be anything but easy? Let's get started!


Your enrollment into USB also comes with this BONUS:

The 11 Style Types Masterclass

Inside this BONUS masterclass, you will discover how to differentiate between the eleven different types of personal style so that you can easily identify your unique combination of the types, and build a cohesive wardrobe that matches!

This 90-minute masterclass is waiting for you inside your student portal, along with the accompanying Style Types PDF Guide filled with thousands of visual references, so you can easily identify which of the 11 types are YOURS!



Diana Maria Webb

My USB breakthroughs were around body acceptance right now and finding what flatters me and speaks the style message I want to portray in how I dress. I feel much better about giving to myself and investing the time in myself. I feel confident that I can create and maintain the look that makes me feel like my best, bravest, self in my style.

Hedwig Cutter

After going through the Uncover Your Style Blueprint online course, I feel confident with my style and thinking of other ways to wear the clothing items I already have. Jordan has an excellent approach to teaching people how to express their style and how to locate items in a price range that helps them achieve their goals.

Darlene Oddo

Uncover Your Style Blueprint helped me realize exactly how to put the outfits together that I want to wear in a step-by-step format, and see what I would need to have in my closet that I don't currently, when I go shopping. A big thank you, because this was fabulous and exactly what I needed in order to help me shop for new pieces.

Grace Elizabeth

Before taking USB I felt stuck, constantly wearing jeans and a cardigan and feeling very plain. I thought it was silly to want to dress better for playgroups and park visits. I learnt that not dressing better was a huge disservice to not only myself but my family. When I feel better about myself the whole mood of the family is boosted.

Karina Shamberger

Taking Uncover Your Style Blueprint helped me discover that instead of hiding my flaws, I can very easily enhance my strengths by using style and clothing. A whole world of fashion opened up to me while I went through the videos in this course, making me see that I really don't have to look frumpy - something I had believed. 

Lily Heiss

The way Jordan teaches style makes it so easy to not only understand, but also implement. She doesn't make it about her - she makes it about helping you discover YOUR style and immediately start making outfits. I don't think anyone else teaches style like this. Uncover Your Style Blueprint is as exceptional as all of her other programs. 

In Case There's Anything I Missed, Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions About USB 👇