If you're struggling to effortlessly dress in a way that represents you, wasting money on more clothes that don't work, here's why:

There are 6 Ingredients Every Woman MUST MASTER in Order to Have a Signature Style


Because Great Style Isn't Bought....It's Built. One Step-by-Step Ingredient at a Time! 

There are 6 Essential Ingredients that make up a Signature Style, and all 6 are required if you actually want to dress with ease and understand how to choose clothing that EMBODIES your fullest potential.

Read on to see how you too can take the overwhelm out of getting dressed, and build your 6 Essential Ingredients for style-success!


You can watch every single style video on YouTube, follow every influencer, and buy every latest IT item....

You can learn everything about everything...and STILL not have any idea what your style IS, until you have the right answers to just two simple questions:

Question #1:

What do I like? How do I want to be seen by others? How do I want to see myself in my style?

Question #2:

How do I take my style goals + preferences and adjust them for my body, my lifestyle and my closet?

It's not possible to have an effortless Signature Style without clarity on what that style is, and how to bring it to life.

And without a Signature Style you will always struggle to feel fully represented and confidently well-dressed. After all, a Signature Style is defined as: one cohesive, identifiable look. We all know women who HAVE a Signature Style, and whether we like that style of not, is irrelevant....the point is, there are women who clearly know what their style IS, and HOW to bring it to life.

Every Single Woman on the Planet with a Signature Style, Had to First...

Identify What Made Her Style Hers

And Then Take Those Unique Characteristics and Translate Them for Her Body, Lifestyle and Closet.


You won't ever be able to find even one woman with a Signature Style who can't clearly define what it is and how they achieve it.

These women don't say, "I have no idea what to wear, but somehow I end up with great outfits."

NO! They say:

"THIS is my style and THIS is how I make it work for ME. Because I'm so clear, every outfit I put together works for me."

And if YOU haven't already been saying that...

...well, now you know why!

 So, when you too can answer these two vital questions with confidence, clarity, and absolute certainty.....

Congratulations! You will have joined the ranks of the few women who make it to this desired state.

In order to graduate from "collection of random clothes" to dialed in Signature Style, you must:

  • Identify what makes your style YOURS.

  • Be able to¬†implement it in a way that works for YOU.

And with over 13 years of personal style development experience, and over 2,000 women served, I want to help you answer BOTH of these questions so that you know how to dress with ease for the rest of your life.

A Serious Question to Consider:

How Much Would Your LIFE + CONFIDENCE Change Right Now if You Could Solve Both of these Problems?

If you knew without a shadow of a doubt what your style was, AND how to bring it to life...

Would you still struggle to feel like yourself in your clothes?

Would you still avoid doing certain things in your life because you didn't feel confident in the way you looked?


Would you finally start dressing in the way you've always known is possible for you?

Would you show up FULLY in your life because the way you represented yourself was EXACTLY how you wanted to be seen?

 By Now You're Probably Starting to Notice That

So many of the style challenges you're currently experiencing can be connected back to these two things:

  • Lack of clarity on what the style actually IS.

  • Uncertainty in how to implement it.

So then let me ask you, are you ready to build your Signature Style?

Are you ready to overcome these two MAJOR hurdles that hold far too many women back from ever feeling represented in their clothes.

If it's a resounding "YES!" then here's how I can help:

There are 6 Essential Ingredients that make up a Signature Style, and all 6 are required in order to identify what the style IS and implement it in a way that works for YOU.

I have packaged all 6 in a very easy to follow framework that women all over the world have implemented, and now it's your turn to do the same!


A Proven Step-by-Step Framework for Finally Uncovering the 6 Essential Ingredients of Your Signature Style, and How to Implement Them Like a Personal Stylist!

  • Create your message¬†- what you want your style to say to other people. And more importantly what you want it to say to yourself.
  • Determine your unique style type combination¬†and identify the categories your preferences fall into.
  • Build the¬†visual representation of your style¬†so that you always know exactly what¬†it¬†looks like.
  • Learn how to master the skill of dressing your body type by¬†identifying the best silhouettes for¬†your unique shape,¬†using the concept of proportions.
  • Develop a collection of personalized go-to¬†outfits that consistently¬†help you dress well in under 10 minutes.
  • Fine tune the art of elevation - turning simple clothing into stylized ensembles. No more flat and boring outfits once you learn how to use your elevation strategies.
  • Implement an¬†effective closet edit¬†and easily identify the clothing that no longer serves you.
  • Learn how to¬†intentionally¬†shop and¬†invest in your wardrobe - no more wasting money on things you don't wear.


FROM: Making the same fashion choices you've made your entire adult life, always wearing the same few outfits but never feeling like they represent the way you want to be seen.

TO: Busting out of your comfort zone and finally dressing in a way that feels like YOU, putting together awesome outfits with ease, knowing exactly how to represent yourself through style.

FROM: Unintentionally shopping for clothes and ending up with more of what you already own, wasting money on things you don't love, and still feeling like you have nothing to wear.

TO: Putting a strategy in place FIRST, before you ever shop for new clothes, so that you can spend your money with intention knowing exactly what IS, and what to buy in order to achieve it.

FROM: Feeling uncertain about how to dress for your body type, constantly second guessing your choices, and often using baggy clothing as a security blanket to hide behind insecurities.

TO: Equipped with the knowledge of how to highlight your body, in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident, based on a framework you can implement without guessing.

Unlock Your Signature Style is Unlike Any Other Style Course Online

Because it's actually NOT a "course" at all!

It's a structural framework for identifying and implementing YOUR style, plus a community of support backing you up every step of the way.

There's a reason Unlock Your Signature Style has such a reputation for RESULTS.

In fact, most students come to USS because they feel tired of what I call, "patchwork content". A little bit of info taken from Youtube, Instagram, patched together to try and make a relationship with style that never seems to quite work.

And maybe that's how you feel too.

Intuitively you probably already know that watching more videos, and following more influencers, isn't what's getting in the way of your inevitable success. So what is it?

It's what I'm obsessed with. It's what makes USS so successful:

Action + Implementation + Accountability + Momentum.

My entire purpose is to give you a framework that will pull YOUR style out of you, then teach you how to put it in action so that it becomes your reality.

It's a process that requires handholding, breaking habits that aren't working, and being around other women doing the same type of work....something you'll never find in a generic "course" about style trends.

And we do this all in 4 unique ways...

The 4 Unique Ways USS Will Create Your Style Success:

#1: The Core Content

Over 50 trainings that turn everything you think you know about style on its head, so you can see how women with a Signature Style actually got there. The USS core content is the most comprehensive education in personal style development you will find...anywhere.

#2: The Live Coaching Sessions

I cannot stress the part enough. The ability to speak with me live, ask your questions, show me your outfit photos, talk about what's working and why, listen in on the conversations of other students. This piece right here is the reason that the support in USS is unrivaled in this industry.

#3: The Private Community

There's a reason why the shift you've been looking to make in your style + confidence feels difficult when you go at it alone: it lacks accountability. The USS community is designed to keep you on track as you stay motivated watching everyone else implement the work.

#4: Lifetime Enrollment

USS is a family, and being in a family means you're in FOR LIFE. I've designed it this way on purpose - so that you're never rushed, you can get support as long as you need it, you have a resource to continuously come back to, and you can stay in the high vibe for as long as you like!

Sounds pretty good, right?! Let me tell you about ALL of the incredible things included in USS!

This is the Core Content Waiting for You When You Enroll

50+ detailed USS trainings, plus step-by-step implementation guidance!


Building Your Style Identity

Getting crystal clear on how you want to dress!

Up until this point, your brain has been on auto pilot - making style choices that were familiar, but not necessarily best suited for you. 

In this module we're going to do a deep dive into the thinking and mindset patterns that have been preventing you from reaching your goals. I'll set you up for success by helping you see that the only thing getting in the way of having a style you feel great about, is the belief that it's not possible. 

From there we'll define your message (what your style says when people meet you), and get really clear on exactly what you want your look to look like, by determining your Unique Style Type Combination. This will guarantee that you can easily identify what is and is not your style.

Finally, you'll create the visual representation of your style on Pinterest so that you have a crystal clear blueprint of what you're working towards throughout the rest of the program. 

Highlights of Module 1:

  • Identify and eliminate the mindset blocks and beliefs that are holding you back from dressing in a way that makes you feel your best.
  • Master your messaging by determining exactly what you want your style and image to say.
  • Determine your Unique Style Type Combination¬†so that it becomes easy to identify what is and is not your style.
  • Build your style blueprint - the visual representation of exactly what your style will look like.¬†

Understanding How Clothes Fit Your Body

So that you can consistently choose styles you look and feel great in!

Great style is attainable for every body. It's not the size of the person wearing it that makes the clothing stylish, but rather the knowledge and ability to choose clothing that fits the body properly.

90% of style problems are solved by proper fit, which is why this entire module is dedicated to learning just how to achieve that.

In this module we're going to unpack the 3 Criteria of Proportion that guarantee a proper fit so you can easily recognize when an item doesn't enhance your frame, and how to choose clothing that makes you look and feel your best.

From there we'll break down the most flattering style choices based on your height and build, so that you can eliminate all the guesswork around how to dress for your body type.

You'll walk away from this module feeling excited to highlight your body through clothing, with the utmost clarity in how to do so.

Highlights of Module 2:

  • Learn the 3 Criteria of Proportion that always guarantee a proper fit, and how to use them to¬†determine whether or not any item fits you properly.
  • Walk through in-depth, real life body training. Spoiler alert, the female body cannot be reduced to just 5 fruit shapes - it's not that simplistic!
  • Implement the best style choices based on your height and build so that you always know how to make informed styling decisions, and don't feel like you're guessing.
  • Choose your go-to pieces from an itemized body type list,¬†for each category in your wardrobe, including best outfit combinations, silhouette choices and what to avoid.

Transforming Your Vision Into Reality

Effortlessly coming up with awesome outfit combinations that work!

Being "good" at style isn't about an innate skill set or talent you're either born with or without. It's about being intentional and strategic with your wardrobe choices and learning how to make style work for you.

By module 3 you'll have a much clearer sense of what your style looks like, and will be ready to put a personalized strategy in place that helps you dress with ease for your unique taste and lifestyle.

We'll learn how to fine tune your style to match your lifestyle, and why understanding how to dress for the life you live, and the things you do every day, is so important.

From there I'll teach you the 6 Elevation Strategies. Elevation is what transforms clothing on the body into an actual signature style. We're playing with color, print, accessories, footwear and beyond - in order to choose the strategies that work best for you.

Finally, we'll learn the outfit formulas getting dressed like a pro, so you can say good bye to confusion and hello to certainty, every time you step into your closet.

Highlights of Module 3:

  • Fine tune your style to match your lifestyle¬†and¬†get clear on how to make your preferences work for work, casual, dressy, and beyond.
  • Utilize the 3-part Signature Style Formula in order to easily determine whether any item of clothing¬†is aligned with your style goals. Say good bye to randomly choosing clothes that aren't right for you!
  • Learn how to elevate your style to another level by incorporating color, print, accessories, footwear and more.¬†
  • Select your go-to, tried-and-true outfits combinations that you can consistently rely on to make you look and feel your best.

Creating Your Signature Wardrobe

So that you have the exact clothing your style needs!

The role of clothing is to help you feel confident and at home in your body. If it doesn't make you feel good, it has no place in your closet.

Now that we've created the look of your style, learned how to dress for your body type and built outfits you love to wear, it's time to be intentional and methodical with each piece you own and invest in.

In this module we'll learn exactly how to build a signature wardrobe (if you've been dreaming of a capsule wardrobe, this is for you) and what the specific pieces are that belong in your closet in order to bring your style to life.

Next we'll address the roadblocks that have kept you attached to items in your closet that don't serve you. 

From there you'll learn how to implement the highly effective 10-Step Closet Edit - easily and effortlessly letting go of clothing that no longer suits your style, creating mental and physical space for you to make the most out of the pieces you love.

Finally, we'll turn our focus towards future shopping and the difference between buying with intention and buying at random. You'll learn how to shop like a Stylist so that everything you add to your closet going forward has a purpose.

Highlights of Module 4:

  • Define your signature wardrobe,¬†the key pieces required in your closet in order to bring your style to life.
  • Identify and overcome attachment roadblocks that are holding you back from reaching your style goals, by keeping clothing in your closet that doesn't serve you.
  • Implement the effective 10-Step Closet Edit, designed to clear out clothing that no longer suits your style while making room for you to access all the gems already hanging in your closet.
  • Learn how to shop like a Stylist, by saving money, buying intentionally, finding exactly what you're looking for¬†online - and saying goodbye to impulse shopping.

The BEST Part of Unlock Your Signature Style is that it's NOT Just Videos and Exercises...

It's a YEAR-ROUND Community of Style Support:

20 weeks of LIVE group coaching with me every year, plus LIFETIME membership into our USS family, as well as all the core content + training materials.

I created Unlock Your Signature Style to be the easiest, most intentional way for you to go from confused to confident - from feeling OK in your clothes to being excited to get dressed…

But I also created it to be the most supportive.

Because if there's one thing I know about style development, it's that it's a muscle built over time. It's about breaking old patterns and getting out of your comfort zone - both of which require a consistent and loving push from a community of other women on the same path.

Which is why your enrollment comes with year-round support, plus 20 weeks of live coaching with myself and the rest of the students - split into two 10-week cohorts.

 Join in on all 20 weeks, or just a few of them. Whatever type of support you need, it's there for you.

Got questions? Doubts? Mindset blocks? Something - anything - not making sense?


The most valuable part of USS is the work we do in the community. Because it's one thing to watch videos about style, but an entirely different one to have a family of incredible women to be supported by.

Enroll in Unlock Your Signature Style TODAY!



payment plan




payment plan




best deal!


Looking for a lower cost alternative? Check out USS: SELF-STUDY! Exact same content, minus the live support community.

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The USS waitlist is the digital version of a red carpet. Get ready to be treated like a VIP! You’ll receive email alerts for special bonus offers and be notified as soon as the doors open so you get in ahead of the crowd.

Join the Unlock Your Signature Style Fall 2024 Waitlist

Plus you'll be backed by my 365-day guarantee!

Yes, you heard me right! 

I'm giving you an entire year - 365 days - to try USS and prove to yourself that it'll deliver the results I'm promising you. If it doesn't, then all you need to do is contact my team and they'll happily refund your investment.

That's how confident I am in this program!

But full disclosure...there is one catch. You have to prove to me that you did the work. And the reason is simple - nothing works unless you do.

People confuse buying with doing. They purchase a program and think they're taking action just by putting down their credit card.

But 30 days later, after they haven't even logged into their account or attended a training, they're asking for a refund telling themselves the product didn't work.

The truth is, no program will get you the results you're looking for if you don't step up and do what's being asked of you. So if you're looking for a quick-fix solution, USS is not for you, because I'll tell you right now this program is work.


If you're committed to taking action, then I want you to have the utmost confidence in me and my program, and I'm backing it up with a huge guarantee.

You have a full year to watch all the videos, attend all the live calls, ask me all your questions, and implement all the assignments. A full year to get clear on your style!

If you're not looking at your wardrobe from a whole new perspective of, "I've got this!"...simply let my team know, show them your work, and we'll refund your entire investment.

It's time to give your style + confidence the transformation it deserves! Like it has for the women in our community:

Claire Elyse, California

"So many things have changed in my life in the last 6 years. I am the biggest I’ve ever been and with a young child, and  I got stuck in the leggings and T-shirt rut. USS was the hammer that broke through my chains and breathed new life into me.

I feel amazing, rejuvenated and recharged!!! I feel like my old self again, proud of my body, and more confident in my clothing. Jordan is the best teacher and the other women in the group are also so amazing. "

Laura Ault, Indiana

"I have always loved style but struggled with limiting beliefs about what was possible for me. I feel so much more confident knowing how I want to present myself to the world.

This opened me up to all the possibilities for me and my style. I feel authentic in how I am presenting myself and I am loving creating new and different outfits from the clothes in my closet! I feel confident in shopping and I am not dreading it as I have in the past."

Cheryl Hutchinson, New York

"Learning from Jordan completely transformed how I feel about style and even myself. No exaggeration, Unlock Your Signature Style was life-changing!

I get complimented all the time now about how I look. Complete strangers‚ÄĒwomen and men, younger and older‚ÄĒgo out of their way to tell me how much they love my style. That‚Äôs a¬†complete 180-degree turn for me¬†because I had always been rather 'invisible' before."

Kim Henry, Canada

"Before taking USS I felt like I had no style. I was often uncomfortable and not confident in my outfit choices, despite spending so much time choosing them. Before USS, my confidence was low and I hated having to get dressed in the morning.

Now I'm no longer shy and embarrassed while out and about! I'm no longer unsure of my outfits and wanting to be unnoticed in crowds. I'm confident in how I look and as a result, I feel more positive and radiant inside as well. I have also been complimented on my "new outfits" (aka old clothes put together in new ways), which helps improve my self-confidence and makes me feel good."

Maryann Reid, Florida

"USS was the best value and money I've ever spent. Probably top 3 purchases in my life that pays for itself over and over every single day.

I feel blessed to have worked with Jordan! She is a blessing in so many ways. And so generous.

I went from dreary black pants to a red dress for business event because of the confidence I gained in choosing the right outfits.

I now have clarity on my style and what I need/when I need it, helping me plan a head and save time."

Helen French, Australia

"I would 1000% encourage anyone to take the leap and enjoy this course, it is much more than learning about your style. The course helps you to feel confident about being you and then explore how your clothes can express who you are. Jordan has a beautiful way of walking alongside you in this course, she cheers everyone on with genuine interest and warmth.

You will quickly learn that no matter your weight or body shape, you can feel great in what you wear because your clothes become an outward expression of who you are on the inside."

"This is great Jordan! ....But what if I don't have any clothes I like yet?!"

This is about the time where you might be saying, "Yeah Jordan, but I don't even have any clothes we can use for this. Shouldn't I buy those first?" NO.  

Why Shopping for New Clothes BEFORE You Build the 6 Essential Ingredients of a Signature Style is BACKWARDS!

Most women without a Signature Style spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars trying to create one, hoping the clothes they're aimlessly buying will just somehow "create" their style. Sound familiar?

But how do you even know the clothes you're buying are the right ones for your style and body?

(that's a lot of money I wouldn't risk wasting, would you?)

When you build your Signature Style first, it's focused on identifying what makes your style uniquely yours, based on your preferences, your body and your lifestyle.

And then you buy the clothes that bring it to life.

Every well-dressed woman spent the time and effort upfront to identify her style FIRST. If not, it's an expensive guessing game of buying more clothes that don't work. 

Look at What Happens When You Learn the 6 Essential Ingredients of a Signature Style BEFORE You Start Shopping:

Jennifer Nieto, California

"Before USS my style was buried. I always enjoyed style but had no idea how to find the best fitting and flattering clothes for my body type.

This program really changed the way I look at clothes and myself, and I'm enjoying discovering what represents my style along with what I enjoy wearing. I now feel confident in choosing the clothes I wear and can easily distinguish what is suitable for my frame."

Debbie Vargo, Indiana

"I have 100% changed the way I think about shopping and how to utilize the pieces I have in my closet. My self-confidence regarding my body type has changed 90% and have an overall positive mindset about the way I look and feel when I leave the house.

I embraced my body type and stopped buying clothes to cover up my imperfections."

Mia Franceschi, Florida

"Before this program, my relationship with style was hesitant and confused.

After going through USS I gained clarity on what works on me and what colors to choose, I gained the confidence to experiment and I am excited about my style choices and looking forward to getting dressed in the morning. I see style as a way of showing up as my best self in the world."

Darlene Oddo, Canada

"I had no sense of style before taking this course and never knew what types of clothing to wear to make me feel that I looked good.

I feel so much more confident in what I choose to wear and how to put an outfit together to make me feel confident, fun and casual at the same time. I now have a better idea on what to add to my wardrobe so that I can get many outfits out of just a few items worn different ways."

Miranda Durbin, Canada

"The best part of USS was working on my mindset and self-confidence, and how it relates to my everyday life. I had a relatively good relationship with style coming in, but benefitted tremendously from understanding some of the mental blocks I was having around my body.

Learning to invest in your mindset like this is something no other Stylist is teaching, and I think before you learn this part, there won't be any lasting change in your relationship with clothes/style."

Lyne Labrose, Canada

"Everything changed and I appreciate who I am now. When I get dress in the morning I feel happy joyful and confident.

Jordan has an approach that puts you into your confidence. Her way of teaching makes it so easy to understand. When I joined the USS cohort, I felt I was part of a family.

She is always there to support us and puts a lot of time and effort to be there every step of the way. I am so grateful that I joined, and never questioned my decision. It’s the best gift a woman can give to herself."


Over $3,500 Worth of BONUSES, to Make Sure You're Fully Supported Throughout the Process!


Style Reference Database

Access to a virtual database of hundreds of outfit combination ideas, broken down into different types of aesthetics - so no matter what your style looks like, you're always supported with visual inspiration.

(valued at $395.00)


Stores + Brands Database

Receive a database of over 500 stores and brands to shop from, at a variety of price points. Database includes petite, tall, plus size, sustainable, and comfort brands, across clothing, shoes, accessories, athletic wear, and undergarments.

(valued at $395.00)


Organize Like a Pro Workshop

A clothing organization workshop taught by a guest expert Home Organizer. Learn the best strategies for keeping your newfound style neat, tidy, and easily accessible in your closet!

(valued at $295.00)


Beautiful Skin at Any Age Masterclass

Strategies and best practices for beautiful skincare at all ages taught by a guest expert Esthetician. Learn how to maintain glowing skin as well as suggestions on products to use.

(valued at $295.00)


Clean Beauty + Skincare Masterclass

A guest expert masterclass on the topic of clean beauty. Learn how to select the best clean makeup, hair and skincare products, avoiding toxins and chemicals in your every day routine!

(valued at $295.00)


How to Make a Look Book Training

Once you've locked in your style and edited your closet, you're going to want to automate your outfits! Which is why inside this bonus, you will learn exactly how to make a look book on an easy to use app, so that you have head-to-toe styled looks accessible on your phone - using the clothes already hanging in your closet.

(valued at $295.00)


How to Pack for Travel Training

Inside this bonus training I'm teaching you how to intentionally pack for travel. Whether it's vacation, a weekend away, or a work trip - I'll be showing you how to plan your outfits, decide what you're going to wear when, and even set everything up in your look book app so that packing becomes an absolute breeze.

(valued at $195.00)


At Home in Your Body Mini Course

A 6-part series mini course taught by a naturopathic doctor with a specialty in disordered eating and body confidence. This mini course is designed to support you in building body confidence, alongside all of the style work done in USS.

(valued at $995.00)


Color Analysis Workshop

A color analysis workshop led by an industry-expert Color Analyst, plus the 12-Seasons of Color Theory E-Book. With this bonus you'll learn to identify your season and best color palette, based on your skin tone and facial features.

(valued at $595.00)




Including 40+ training videos, with EVERYTHING you need to learn the foundations of personal style from the ground up, in the most straight-forward, time-effective way possible.


A one-size-fits-one approach, with teachings designed for every body type and aesthetic, so that you learn the principals of style in a way that's unique to you.


An easy to follow implementation process showing you how to create the look of your style and bring your vision to life with clothing.


Downloadable workbooks to make sure you have access to everything you learn at your finger tips - both during the program and in the future.

Ok, Let's Recap EVERYTHING That's Included:

Included in Your Enrollment Into Unlock Your Signature Style: 

  • The Core USS Content: including 50+ trainings, plus workbooks and style guides,¬†that walk through exactly how to implement the 6 Essential Ingredients of Style. Every topic you could possibly want to learn about, is taught. As well as so many others you haven't even considered yet¬†(value: $2,995.00)
  • 20 Weeks of LIVE Coaching Calls Per Year: with me and all of the other USS students, split up into two 10-week cohorts. Calls are recorded for you to watch on your own time if you cannot attend live. (value: $9,900/year)
  • Private USS Community: where you'll receive support and feedback on your progress, every step of the way along your style development journey, plus answers to all of your questions.¬†Our incredible community is open to USS students 365 days per year, for life.¬†(value: priceless)
  • The 9 USS¬†Bonuses:¬†designed to supplement and add to the resources included in the USS core training content. Guest expert masterclasses, workshops, and even a mini course! (value: $3,700)
  • LIFETIME Enrollment in USS:¬†so that you can attend as many USS live cohorts as you like, come calls, receive as much support in the community as you need...no time limit, no additional cost. Once you're in USS, you're in for life and you'll never pay more. (value: priceless)

I'm Jordan!

And I personally cannot wait to guide you on your style journey.

In case you don't know me, I'm a Celebrity Stylist turned Personal Stylist, on a mission to transform the way women show up in their lives. 

I am the Founder of MiKADO, a wardrobe consulting firm that focuses on eliminating the confusion and insecurities associated with how to dress.

I've spent the last decade teaching people who to leverage a confident, put-together image, in order to open up abundant opportunities in both their personal and professional lives. And I would love to do the same for you!

If you're someone who's been hiding within yourself, making yourself smaller and less visible....or you're just ready to stop doing what hasn't been working and learn a better way....my beautiful friend, I've got you.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this journey will be completely and utterly life changing. For your wardrobe, yes, but even more so for your sense of self :)

Plus You'll be taught by the USS Guest Experts!

Dr. Natalie Mulligan, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Mulligan is the Founder of EatWell Health Center and co-founder of Arrae Wellness supplements. 

She specializes in the treatment and mental health associated with disordered eating and body image.

Because my approach to style combines both personal development and personal style, extending far beyond the clothes themselves, I am so honored to have Dr. Mulligan on the USS team - providing body image training for the USS students.

When it comes to building confidence in clothing, a big part of that is building confidence in our bodies, and I want to be able to offer my students as much support with that as possible!

Diana O'Marra, Makeup Artist + Mentor

Diana O'Marra, of Hello Makeup Made Easy, is a Makeup Artist + Mentor.

She focuses on teaching busy women how to simplify the makeup process and build confidence in the way they present themselves. 

She has been a part of the USS team since day one, because I've always known that in addition to style - my students want to have a beauty routine that compliments their clothes - without it being difficult, and that's exactly what Diana is all about!

She will be teaching her infamous Every Day Makeup Masterclass, a live training on how to execute an easy-to-follow, everyday makeup routine.

Mariana Marques, Personal Color Analyst

Mariana Marques is the Founder of The Outfit Curator - one of the leading color analysis firms in the United States.

She believes that when women are knowledgable about what best compliments their coloring and aesthetic, they build confidence and create greater success in their personal and professional lives. 

Inside USS she teaches the students how to understand and apply the 12 seasons of color, what it means to utilize the role of contrast in your wardrobe - aiding them in making the best color selections for their clothing.

She is also available for 1:1 color analysis, for students who want a more comprehensive understanding of the colors that look best on them!

My BIG Promise To You Is That... 

If you follow everything I teach you and trust my process every step of the way...

  • You will have a¬†strategy in place that you can use for the rest of your life. You will stop wasting time, energy, money and confidence trying to get better style without seeing results.¬†
  • You will know exactly what your style looks like. No more wondering if something is¬†you, no more dressing the same way you've dressed your entire adult life.¬†You will have absolute clarity.
  • You will understand how to dress for your body type, and¬†be able to identify the best cuts and silhouettes for your shape, and why certain things you've been wearing haven't been making you feel good.
  • You will be able to put together awesome outfits easily and effortlessly. Rather than wearing the same few things, you will understand how to get the most out of what you own and come up with new combinations.
  • You will spend your money on clothes wisely. No more buying for the sake of it and ending up with similar versions of the same few things. You will be an intentional shopper who buys clothes she loves to wear.
  • You will let go of limiting beliefs and mindset blocks, allowing you to step into a higher version of yourself and show up in your personal and professional life more fully.¬†

Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions:

Imagine this... 

A few months from now you wake up in the morning with the realization that....you did it...you committed yourself to transforming your life.

And now...you're exactly where you always dreamed of being. 

Every time you get dressed you feel good about what you've chosen to put on. You understand style and have a strategy that is specifically curated and designed for your unique being.

You know without a shadow of a doubt that when you feel good about the way you represent yourself on the outside, you transform the way you feel on the inside....and that your unstoppable confidence has a potent ripple effect throughout every area of your life.

You understand how to use clothing in your favor and put together killer outfits with ease, but what's more than that...when you look in the mirror, a free version of yourself is staring back, and you feel like you're finally home.

My beautiful friend, if you get butterflies in your stomach when you read this, I want you to know it's no coincidence...

Deep down you've always known what's possible for your life, you just needed to be reminded of what you're capable of....what you're deserving of. So let this be your reminder.

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Looking for a lower cost alternative? Check out USS: SELF-STUDY! Exact same content, minus the live support community.

I want YOUR wins to be next... 

Diana Webb, New Mexico

"I used to be conflicted and trying so hard to fit into things I thought were stylish but that really didn't suit me.

My USS breakthroughs were around body acceptance right now and finding what flatters me and speaks the style message I want to portray in how I dress. I feel much better about giving to myself and investing the time in myself. I feel confident that I can create and maintain the look that makes me feel like my best, bravest, self in my style. "

Suzanne O'Regan, Canada

"The knowledge I've gained about fit has been invaluable, and has left me so much more confident about how to dress my body. It also means I will not be wasting money on items that I end up not liking, or not knowing how to wear.

I've also learned that making that effort to present my best self with my style can pull my mood and attitude along with it. This applies across other areas of my life too - making an effort extends benefits in all directions."

Claire Hutchinson, New York

"After taking USS I feel so much more clear about what my style is and how I can make it reflect me as a person.

I now understand what makes me feel amazing, what makes me happy, and how I can express myself through my style. Instead of having some days where I love what I’m wearing and other days where I’m not, I now have the tools, knowledge, and mindset to help me put on an outfit every day that makes me feel like my best self!"