If you're struggling with frumpy style, clothing that makes you look larger, or all of the focus going exactly where you don't want it to go on your outfits, here's why:


There are Two Style-Stopping Misconceptions Every Woman Must First Overcome

If She Ever Wants to Choose Clothing That Highlights Her Body and Fits Her Properly!


If you're like most women who struggle to make their style translate for their body, and so they resign themselves to the erroneous belief that these 2 misconceptions mean they can never look put-together, reading this is going to be completely change your understanding of why you feel stuck!

There is a learning process to becoming a woman who can consistently choose clothing that highlights her body. There's simply no way around it! 

Every well-dressed woman you look up to (and I really do mean EVERY), had to go through this process.

And at one point or another, if you're actually serious about feeling confident in your ability to consistently choose clothing that fits you properly, you'll have to go through it too.

Trying to figure out your style usually looks like: "Yay, I'm excited by the idea of getting clear on this". Quickly followed by, "And I don't know HOW to make it work for me."

And the more you dive deeper, the more the voice in your head goes from: "I don't know how" to "I don't know that it will ever work for MY BODY."

There's only so much confusion and negative self-talk you can endure before that voice ends up arriving at the erroneous conclusion of:

"My body is the problem, this will never work for me."

I'm here to let you know that: Your Body ISN'T the Problem. Your Lack of Understanding Your Body....IS.

Some of the Classic Signs That You Don't (yet!) Understand Your Body:

How many of these sound like you?

  • When you put an outfit together, all the focus goes exactly where you don't want it to go.
  • Your bigger area ends up looking bigger even though you¬†were certain your¬†styling choices¬†would do the opposite.
  • You stand at the back in photos (or avoid taking¬†them at all), because you don't want permanent documentation of the way you currently look.
  • Prior to menopause or childbirth,¬†your style just worked. This new body feels foreign and seemingly destined to be impossible to dress for the rest of your life.¬†
  • Other women with YOUR body make their outfits work well. For some reason you can't replicate their results.
  • You know¬†the style you like, but getting it to translate on your body is¬†an entirely different story. "Maybe it's impossible", you say.
  • Shopping is a struggle of never finding what you need. You end up telling yourself, "there are no clothes for me. Retailers don't make clothes that fit me."
  • You've tried to follow guidelines for how to dress your shape. But your shape doesn't seem to be one of the standardized¬†categories typically listed, and you're left feeling more confused than when you started.

The good news is that NONE of this is the result of your body being the problem. It is ALL the result of not understanding your body.

And in the absence of understanding, is the opportunity to learn!


You can watch every single style video on YouTube, follow every influencer, and buy every latest IT item....

And STILL not have any idea how to fit your body, if you're holding on to these 2 style-stopping misconceptions, which are preventing you from accessing the correct information.

These 2 misconceptions must be overcome FIRST, if you ever want to be able to choose clothing that highlights your body and fits you properly.

Misconception #1:

"Understanding how to fit your body is just something women know how to do. And since I clearly don't know how, it must mean there's something wrong with my body, and therefore I guess my best bet is to hide myself in ill-fitted clothing for the rest of my life."

Misconception #2:

"All female bodies can be categorized into a standardized 'type' (ie. an apple, a pear, an inverted triangle, etc). Since my body doesn't seem to meet any of the criteria of the 'types', it must mean there's something irregular about my body and therefore this will never work for me."

NO ONE (including you!) can ever feel confidently well-dressed while holding on to the misconceptions that fitting her shape is just something she should know how to do (without learning), and that her body should be able to be lumped into a generic, standardized category.

And until you're able to overcome these misconceptions, so that you can learn what's actually correct...you won't experience any positive, lasting change in your ability to choose clothing that fits.

Every Single Woman on the Planet Who Knows How to Highlight Her Body in Clothing, Had to First...

Understand That Fit is Something You Learn Through the Concept of Proportions

And Then Translate That Learning for the Unique Proportions of HER Body.


These women don't say, "I've never learned how proportions work, but somehow I end up with flattering outfits."

Or, "I rely on the generic advice for an apple or a pear, even though majority of women (myself included) don't fit into these guidelines."

NO! They say:

"There's no way I could choose flattering outfits if I didn't FIRST learn how specific cuts of clothing change the entire look of my body."


"This is the shape of my body, this is where it carries weight, where it's longest vs shortest, widest vs narrowest....and THIS is how I've learned to balance these proportions by strategically choosing my clothes."

Then they say:

"Because I'm so clear on the uniqueness of MY body, every outfit I put together fits me properly. I'm not guessing"

And if YOU haven't already been saying that...

...it's NOT because there's something wrong with your body. (There's lots of women with the exact same body as you, who can say all of that at this very moment). 

It's because you've been holding on to the 2 style-stopping misconceptions. Both of which are preventing you from accessing the correct information.

In order to graduate from "everything I put on makes me look bigger" to "my outfits always flatter my shape", you must:

  • Learn the concept of proportions and what it means to balance them.

  • Be able to translate that concept for YOUR unique shape.

What is the Concept of Proportions? 

It is an accurate, holistic view of the female body that takes into account its unique build. It never categorizes bodies together, because it understands that the identification of one specific body part (ie. wider hips) does not universally indicate the presence of secondary parts (ie. smaller bust and narrow shoulders, as in the standard category of a 'Pear').

It recognizes that, as in this example, an attempt to lump all women into one category solely on the basis of one part (ie. wider hips), results in inaccurate information regarding the rest of the body for women who do not meet the criteria of the secondary parts (ie. for women who have the hips of a "Pear" but not the smaller bust or shoulders). 

Instead, it regards each body part individually.  It does not attempt to "hide" anything, it does not "conceal" anything, but rather balances the larger and smaller areas of the body with one another, through strategic clothing choices, in order to create a visually proportional silhouette.

So you're saying that NO generic body type categorization is necessary? I don't have to figure out if I'm an apple, a pear, etc? 

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. The belief that you need to categorize yourself is what's keeping you stuck!

I don't care what method you show me. Fruit shapes, Kibbie system, the answer is always going to be the same. 

NO you don't need this, NO you absolutely should not waste your time on this, YES the belief that you must follow this is preventing you from understanding your unique shape.

There are nearly 4 billion women on the planet. Does it seem logical to you that we could reduce all of these women down to a few standard categories, and then give them all the same rules within each grouping?

When I word it that way, the answer should be an obvious NO. 

Forcing yourself to adhere to the rules of a category just so that you can ascribe to a certain body type system, is not at all the purpose of style...and the very reason so many women feel like there must be something wrong with the way they're built.

"If I don't fit into one of these generic + standardized categories, then there must be no rules for me, and I must have to hide myself in clothing that doesn't fit."

The concept of proportions is not at all difficult to apply once you understand how it works.

There’s no need to try and adhere to specifications for a general category when you’re able to learn the proportions of your OWN body and then dress that body accordingly. 

How Much Would Your LIFE + CONFIDENCE Change Right Now If You Knew How to Choose Clothing That Fit Your Current Body?


If you understood without a shadow of a doubt what your unique proportions were, AND how to highlight them in a flattering way...


Would you still feel like everything you put on made you look frumpy and unpolished?

Would you still avoid doing certain things in your life because you didn't feel confident in the way you looked?


Would you finally start getting excited to get dressed, knowing that there's lots of other women in the world who have the same body as you who've figured this out?

Would you show up FULLY in your life because you were no longer trying to hide or blend into the background?


If you've read this far, my hope is that you're starting to trust me when I say, your body really isn't the problem, it's simply that you don't (yet) understand how to dress the body you currently have.


And if the voice in your head is starting to say, with a resounding YES, "I'm so ready to learn this once and for all!"...


It would be my honor to teach you exactly how to concept of proportions works, and then show you how to apply it to your unique body!

It's time to FINALLY learn how to properly fit your body, so that you consistently know how to choose clothing that flatters the proportions of your shape!



Inside this online course, you will learn the concept of proportions and how to balance the proportions of your unique body through strategic styling choices, so that you can consistently choose clothing that highlights your shape, in order to put outfits together that look great and make you feel your best.

By the end of USS: Body Edition, you will understand...

#1 Proportions:

What it means to balance a large bust with a smaller bum, or a wide hip + full stomach with narrow shoulders, so that the overall look of the body is proportional.

One of the most eye opening things you'll walk away from USS understanding, is that your job is not to "hide" anything on your body, but rather to balance the difference between your larger and smaller parts using strategic styling choices.

#2 Holistic View:

Rather than trying to categorize yourself into a handful of generic body types (because let's be honest, that method has been around for decades and women still have no idea how to fit themselves), we'll be taking a holistic view.

Instead of trying to figuring out if you're an apple or pear, we'll be looking at the only thing that matters: the wholistic view of what makes YOUR body uniquely yours.

#3 Measurements:

To fully understand your body, you'll learn how to take all of your measurements and read them like an expert. This includes both horizontal measurements and vertical measurements - because believe it or not, most women have never done this.

The ability to read your measurements will provide you with data, like: where the waist of your pants should sit, how long your dress hem should be, and literally so much more!

#4 How + Why:

You'll not only learn HOW to choose clothing that properly fits your shape, but also WHY certain things look better on you, and the specific reasons that others do not.

Understanding the how + why of style, is one of the most significant reasons my students maintain their success. It is not that style tips are simply presented to them, but rather a deep comprehension of the concepts and principals. 

Most of all, Unlock Your Signature Style: Body Edition, offers you the exact process you need in order to confidently make decisions around your style and body.

Gone are the days of looking at yourself in the mirror, knowing something isn't right about how clothing is fitting your body, but no understanding of what it is or how to fix it, so resigning yourself to the erroneous belief that your shape or size is the problem. If you're ready to join the countless women who have stood powerfully in the body they currently have, and learned how to choose clothing that fits their body accordingly, I would love to welcome you into this incredible work!

This is what happens when you actually LEARN the concept of proportions, and how to apply them to your unique body:

Jennifer Nieto, California

"Before USS my style was buried. I always enjoyed style but had no idea how to find the best fitting and flattering clothes for my petite body type.

This program really changed the way I look at clothes and myself, and I'm enjoying discovering what represents my style along with what I enjoy wearing.

I now feel confident in choosing the clothes I wear and can easily distinguish what is suitable for my frame."

Debbie Vargo, Indiana

"I have 100% changed the way I think about shopping and how to utilize the pieces I have in my closet.

My self-confidence regarding my body type has changed 90% and have an overall positive mindset about the way I look and feel when I leave the house.

I embraced my body type and stopped buying clothes to cover up my imperfections."

Suzanne O'Regan, Canada

"The knowledge I've gained about fit has been invaluable, and has left me so much more confident about how to dress my body. It also means I will not be wasting money on items that I end up not liking, or not knowing how to wear.

I've also learned that making that effort to present my best self with my style can pull my mood and attitude along with it. This applies across other areas of my life too - making an effort extends benefits in all directions."

Enroll in Unlock Your Signature Style: Body Edition TODAY!





Plus you'll have the option to upgrade to the full Unlock Your Signature Style program

USS: Body Edition is one of four modules from my best-selling program, Unlock Your Signature Style.

It is the module exclusively dedicated to body type + fit training, with the most hands-on/analytical content we learn in the entire program.

I've made this module available separate from the rest of the USS content, because for many women, understanding how to properly fit their body is the only thing holding them back in the style development process.

They know what their style is, they know how to make outfits.....where they're stuck is how to make those outfits fit their bodies.

And if they can understand this part, they can soar!

With that said, if you go through the USS: Body Edition program and decide you'd like to access the rest of the content so that you can study every single style topic under the sun, you'll have the option to do that at any time! 

To do so, my team will assist you in making the upgrade - all you'll be responsible for is paying the difference between USS: Body Edition and the current enrollment cost of the full program. No extra costs incurred, you'll only pay the difference.

I lead two live cohorts of Unlock Your Signature Style per year. If you decide to upgrade to the full program, you'll have the option to attend those cohorts live with me, ask me all of your questions, show me your outfit photos, and get my full support with all the work you're doing on your style development.

Here is EVERYTHING that's waiting for you inside:

Included in Your Enrollment Into Unlock Your Signature Style: Body Edition

  • 1 Core Module¬†from my best-selling program, Unlock Your Signature Style. This is the module exclusively dedicated to body type + fit training.
  • 16 Training Videos that teach you the complete concept of proportions, and how to apply the concept to your unique body, with¬†step-by-step guidelines that address all aspects of the female shape.
  • Personal Stylist Level of Education, based on my 13 years of work in this field, having fit every body type you can imagine...including yours! You're about to learn how to fit the body exactly as a Stylist would.
  • Taking Your Measurements Instructions,¬†plus how to interpret them,¬†so that you understand the specifics of your current body.
  • Itemized List of Best Clothing Choices designed to help you easily identify the cuts and styles that belong in your wardrobe, based on your body type.
  • The USS Workbook¬†with guidelines and celebrity body doubles, that summarize the material taught in the video trainings, for easy reference and accompanying support.¬†
  • Invitation to Upgrade to the Full USS Program, should you decide you'd like to access the rest of the content or receive my support as you work on your style.¬†

You're Ready to Make THESE Ultimate Style Transitions...

FROM: Feeling uncertain about how to dress for your body type, constantly second guessing your choices, and often using baggy clothing as a security blanket to hide your insecurities.

TO: Equipped with the knowledge of how to highlight your body, in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident, based on a framework you can implement without guessing.

FROM: Walking into the store with a lack of clarity on what to buy, wasting more money on clothes that don't fit you properly, and never actually building a wardrobe that has what you need.

TO: Learning exactly what works for you FIRST, before you ever shop for new clothes, so that you can spend your money with intention knowing what what to buy for your body type and why.

FROM: Believing that changes in your body due to childbirth, menopause, illness, or other weight fluctuations, mean that you're destined to stay stuck in a permanent state of discomfort in your clothes.

TO: Recognizing that the concept of proportions is something you LEARN, regardless of size. And that once you apply it to your current size, you find comfort and ease in your ability to dress yourself.

And if you're ready to know the EXACT answers to common style concerns like:

  • How to balance the look of a menopause¬†stomach¬†(or any stomach!) so that it's not the focal point of your outfit.
  • Short torso + short waist. Not the same thing,¬†not the same fit guidelines.
  • Fabric that belongs in your closet if you carry weight in your arms.
  • 5'4 and under?¬†It's¬†a whole different ballgame of fit guidelines when you're short!
  • The biggest ah-ha breakthrough that 9 out of 10 women miss when dressing wider hips.
  • What to do when you have a large bust so that your outfit doesn't look like "all boob".
  • The specific shoes to avoid if your goal is to look taller.
  • Where the hem of a dress/skirt¬†belongs based on your height.
  • How to know if your legs are¬†short or your torso is short. They both can't be short, and your measurements¬†will give us the answer. Plus what to do in both cases.
  • Who belongs in mid-rise vs high-rise. As well as straight leg, boot cut, and wide leg.
  • Exact styling strategies to create the appearance of a waist when you don't naturally have an indentation.
  • How to select pants if you've got thick thighs.
  • Small bust? The¬†most common styling choices that are actually making it look smaller (this used to be me before I learned the concept of proportions!)
  • What to do to correct the dreaded waist gap. And boob gap.
  • ...and so much more in over 16 extensive trainings!

This is how women transform their relationship with style + confidence, once they LEARN how to dress their body:

Claire Elyse, California

"So many things have changed in my life in the last 6 years. I am the biggest I’ve ever been and with a young child, and I got stuck in the leggings and T-shirt rut.

USS was the hammer that broke through my chains and breathed new life into me.

I feel amazing, rejuvenated and recharged!!! I feel like my old self again, proud of my body, and more confident in my clothing. Jordan is the best teacher and the other women in the group are also so amazing. "

Cheryl Hutchinson, New York

"Learning from Jordan completely transformed how I feel about style and even myself. No exaggeration, Unlock Your Signature Style was life-changing!

I get complimented all the time now about how I look. Complete strangers‚ÄĒwomen and men, younger and older‚ÄĒgo out of their way to tell me how much they love my style.

That’s a complete 180-degree turn for me because I had always been rather 'invisible' before."

Maryann Reid, Florida

"USS was the best value and money I've ever spent. Probably top 3 purchases in my life that pays for itself over and over every single day.

I feel blessed to have worked with Jordan! She is a blessing in so many ways. And so generous.

I went from dreary black pants to a red dress for business event because of the confidence I gained in choosing the right outfits.

I now have clarity on my style and what I need/when I need it, helping me plan a head and save time."


I'm Jordan!

And I personally cannot wait to guide you on your style journey....

In case you don't know me, I'm a Celebrity Stylist turned Personal Stylist, on a mission to transform the way women show up in their lives. 

I am the Founder of MiKADO, a wardrobe consulting firm that focuses on eliminating the confusion and insecurities associated with how to dress.

I've spent the last 13 years teaching people who to leverage a confident, put-together image, in order to open up abundant opportunities in their lives. And I would love to do the same for you!

If you're someone who's been hiding within yourself, making yourself smaller and less visible....or you're just ready to stop doing what hasn't been working and learn a better way....my beautiful friend, I've got you.

I've worked with every body type you can possibly imagine, and I know that there's not a single shape out there that can't be dressed in a way that looks AMAZING! Which means that no matter where you are in your body as you come into USS, clarity is waiting for you on the other side!

My big promise to you is that:

If you follow everything I teach you inside USS: Body Edition...

  • You will understand why generic, standardized body type categorizations have always left you confused. You will no longer waste your time trying to figure out if you're an apple or a pear. You'll see clearly WHY this system rarely works.¬†
  • You will be proficient in the concept of proportions.¬†What it means to balance them and why it is the only concept you must understand, if your goal is to choose clothing that looks flattering on you.¬†
  • You will understand how to apply the concept to your unique shape.¬†Rather than unintentionally choosing clothing that makes your largest area look larger and wider, you'll understand how to make your entire body look proportional.
  • You will begin wearing your clothes differently. No longer hiding yourself or second guessing what you wear, you'll feel confident in your ability to select things that work for you.

Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions:

I want  YOUR wins to be next... 

Diana Webb, New Mexico

"I used to be conflicted and trying so hard to fit into things I thought were stylish but that really didn't suit me.

My USS breakthroughs were around body acceptance right now and finding what flatters me and speaks the style message I want to portray in how I dress. I feel much better about giving to myself and investing the time in myself. I feel confident that I can create and maintain the look that makes me feel like my best, bravest, self in my style. "

Kendra Bohman, New York

"I used to feel I'd would go my entire life trying to be invisible. Blending into the background and hoping people didn't look at me, or if I got lucky - able to stay at home so I wouldn't have to worry about it. Then I met Jordan.

She taught me how to understand my body and why things I was doing weren't working. She showed me there's nothing wrong with my body at all, I just hadn't learned what I was doing. I don't even have the words to express how life-changing her work and kindness is."

Kim Henry, Canada

"Before USS I was often uncomfortable and not confident in my outfit choices, despite spending so much time choosing them. My confidence was low and I hated having to get dressed in the morning.

Now I'm no longer shy and embarrassed while out and about! I'm no longer unsure of my outfits and wanting to be unnoticed in crowds. I'm confident in how I look and as a result, I feel more positive and radiant inside as well."

Enroll in Unlock Your Signature Style: Body Edition TODAY!