30 Days of Fall Mix + Match Outfit Ideas

Using basic pieces already hanging in your closet.

Are you tired of wearing the same few items in your closet, in the same few outfit combinations? Download this FREE guide to receive 30 mix + match outfit ideas using simple items you already own, so you can start getting more out of your wardrobe today!
What you'll receive inside this guide:
  • 30 Mix + Match Outfit Ideas: styled for Fall, and perfect for a casual, everyday lifestyle.
  • Basic Pieces: each outfit idea uses basic wardrobe items (like jeans, cardigan sweaters and booties), so that you can easily recreate the looks using things you already own.
  • Product Links: all items used in the guide are linked to the brand websites, so if you see something you like, you can check it out online! 

Majority of women use only 20% of the clothes hanging in their closet, and feel like they never have anything to wear. It's not because they don't own's because they're so used to seeing their clothes in the same combinations, it's difficult to see anything else.

Use this FREE guide as a way to see YOUR clothes in a different way.


I'm Jordan!

In case you don't know me, I'm a Celebrity Stylist turned Personal Stylist, on a mission to transform the way women show up in their lives. 

I am the Founder of MiKADO, a virtual personal styling firm, that focuses on eliminating the confusion and insecurities associated with how to dress.

I've spent the last decade teaching people who to leverage a confident, put-together image, in order to open up abundant opportunities in both their personal and professional lives. And I would love to do the same for you!

If you're someone who's been hiding within yourself, making yourself smaller and less visible....or you're just ready to stop doing what hasn't been working and learn a better beautiful friend, I've got you.

In this guide, as well as all my other content, you will always find a simple, easy-to-follow and practical approach to style. Because honestly, who has time for it to be anything but easy?

I hope you like experimenting with these outfits :)