We're Working on Our Style, We're Working on Ourselves, and We're Having our HAPPIEST (most stylish!) Season Yet.

  • 4¬†Summer Style¬†Trainings,¬†delivered each week for you to watch on your own time.

  • 4 Live Q+A Calls, to come ask me all your questions and¬†learn¬†alongside the rest of¬†our¬†amazing community.

  • 4 Style Success Codes, designed to¬†bring¬†your summer style to life, in an easy to follow, step-by step format.

  • 1¬†Summer of Implementation, taking¬†immediate¬†action on your goals, with support every step of the way.

We do things differently in this community...

There's a level of excitement for life, self-prioritization, and non-negotiable happiness common amongst women who have the BEST relationship with personal style.

Over the past 13 years of my career, I have learned that THIS is the quality that separates the women who create a permanent style transformation, from those who inevitably revert back to believing they "can't do it".

These women know that feeling good is a choice, and they consistently choose to feel happiness. Even on days (weeks, months) when things are challenging.

They know that channelling this feeling into every corner of their being, is the most potent strategy for creating a good life.

And also for creating a great relationship with the way the see themselves.

Excitement for getting dressed, prioritization of self-care, and non-negotiable happiness....these are the precursors to a life-long, thriving relationship with personal style.

...and a beautiful relationship with yourself.

In addition to diving head-first into summer style + outfits, THIS will be our focus throughout our time together.

And if this sounds like the level you want to be on this season, you'll be in the right place at Summer Style Camp!

4 Trainings: Delivered to Your Inbox at the Start of Every Week in the Month of July

Here's a breakdown of the 4 trainings we'll be working through together:

  • Training¬†1 - The Happiness Code:¬†We're kicking off Summer Style Camp with my very favorite subject: happiness. Our goal in this¬†training is to intentionally infuse happiness into our style, and into our lives - then watch the ripple effect that occurs¬†when we hold our mindset on the things that bring us true joy.¬†
  • Training 2 - The Identity Code:¬†Our second training is focused¬†on creating our self-identity for summer, and how this translates through style. We'll be intercepting habits that no longer serve us, and narrowing in on the clothes in our closet that make¬†us feel¬†our best. By the end of this week, our¬†summer¬†style identity will be locked in.¬†
  • Training¬†3 - The Personality Code: Training¬†three is all about unique qualities, and figuring out what it is that makes our style (and our happiness) uniquely ours.¬†We'll be playing with details like color and accessories, jewelry and outfit combinations, to come up with a summer dress code that fully represents our personality.¬†
  • Training¬†4 - The Automation Code:¬†The women who¬†feel the best about themselves and their style, are the ones with the most intentional approach. Happiness is a choice that we automate into our daily lives, and by the end of¬†training four, we'll have a concrete structure in place that¬†ensures our outfits, our closets, and our mindsets are automated for both happiness and success.

This was my favorite program I created in 2023. I knew I had to bring it back this year.

If you join us for the newly updated 2024 version of Summer Style Camp, you can expect to experience wins like THESE!


This is exactly how Summer Style Camp works:

Here's what's included in your enrollement:

  • 4¬†video trainings, delivered to your inbox for you to watch on your own time. One per week, each week we're together in July, with a combination of personal style and personal development training.
  • 4 live Q+A calls,¬†where you can ask me questions, receive personalized feedback, a learn alongside the rest of the community. My hourly calls are $495.00/hour outside of this program - which means that the live support alone¬†is worth exponentially more than the price of enrollment. I say that so that you do not overlook the fact that you can make a MASSIVE shift in your style just by coming to¬†one month's worth of calls.
  • Online student portal where all of your training content will live. I'll also upload the recordings of all our calls here. You can watch everything as many times as you like. If you're unable to attend some of our calls, you will watch them in your portal on your own time.
  • Private community,¬†where you will¬†connect with myself, and all the other women enrolled in the Summer Style Camp. One of the primary reasons my students are so successful is because of our supportive community, and not doing this work alone.
  • Weekly exercises, challenges,¬†& goal setting,¬†both style and personal development-related, that will ensure¬†you¬†get into action immediately. This camp is all about producing results, and our weekly activities will ensure we do that!
  • Lifetime enrollment into the program, meaning next year when I hold Summer Style Camp again, you'll be invited to come back at no additional cost. This is how I run ALL of my programs, and my students love it!

Enroll in Summer Style Camp TODAY!

4 style trainings, 4 style success codes, 4 live Q+A calls, personal support and feedback, hotseat coaching, lifetime membership, and a private community with women working towards the same goal! 


reg. $599.00

promo price: $399.00


These are the skills we'll be focusing on for the month of July!

  • Bulk outfit planning, so that you can get dressed in under 10 minutes all summer long.
  • Elevation strategies specific to warm weather.

  • Incorporating clothing you haven't been wearing (don't know how to wear) to come up with new outfits.

  • Use of summer accessories to to set the tone of your seasonal style.
  • How to look polished, without overheating.

  • Creating your own "Summer Capsule Wardrobe", by learning to intentionally mix and match what you own. 

  • Action-based goal setting, both personal style and personal development related.
  • Replacing default programming with intentional strategies.
  • Implementing accountability checklists and calendars that ensure you stay on track and hit your 4-week targets.


I'm Jordan!

In case you don't know me, I'm a Celebrity Stylist turned Personal Stylist, on a mission to transform the way women show up in their lives. 

I am the Founder of MiKADO, a personal styling firm, that focuses on eliminating the confusion and insecurities associated with how determining to dress.

I've spent the last 13 years teaching women how to master a confident, put-together image, in order to open up more opportunity and happiness in their lives.

And I would love to do the same for you!. 

We're going to be spending a LOT of time together inside the Summer Style Camp, and I absolutely cannot wait to support you!

Scheduling and Q+A Call Details 

Training Releases
  • Training 1: released on July 1st
  • Training 2: released July 8th
  • Training 3: released July 15th
  • Training 4: released July 22nd

*all trainings to be watched on your own time, at your own pace.

Q+A Call Details
  • 4 calls total, 1 per week for each week of the program.
  • Call schedule will be provided to you upon enrollment.
  • If you're unable to attend calls live, everything will be recorded and accessible to watch on your own time.

New to my world and not familiar with my process? Keep reading to see the types of results you can expect from my teaching method!

Claire Elyse

"I got stuck in the leggings and T-shirt rut, and this work was the hammer that broke through my chains and breathed new life into me. I feel amazing, rejuvenated and recharged!!! I feel like my old self again, proud of my body, and more confident in my clothing. Jordan is the best teacher and the other women in the group are also so amazing."

Cheryl Hutchinson

"Learning from Jordan completely transformed how I feel about style and even myself. I get complimented all the time now about how I look. Complete strangers—women and men, younger and older—go out of their way to tell me how much they love my style. That’s a complete 180-degree turn for me because I had always been rather 'invisible' before."

Jennifer Nieto

"Before this my style was buried. I always enjoyed style but had no idea how to find the best fitting and flattering clothes for my body type. I'm enjoying discovering what represents my style along with what I enjoy wearing. I now feel confident in choosing the clothes I wear and can easily distinguish what is suitable for my frame."

Diana Maria Webb

"My breakthroughs were around body acceptance right now and finding what flatters me and speaks the style message I want to portray in how I dress. I feel much better about giving to myself and investing the time in myself. I feel confident that I can create and maintain the look that makes me feel like my best, bravest, self in my style."

Miranda Durbin

"The best part was working on my mindset and self-confidence, and how it relates to my every day life. I had a good relationship with style coming in, but benefitted tremendously from understanding some of the mental blocks I was having. Without this, there won't be any change in your relationship with clothes/style."

Debbie Vargo

"I have 100% changed the way I think about shopping and how to utilize the pieces I have in my closet. My self-confidence regarding my body type has changed 90% and have an overall positive mindset about the way I look and feel when I leave the house. I embrace my body type and stopped buying clothes to cover up my imperfections."